How to Do When Dating Someone With Herpes?

Imagine this, you are on a first date. The person has every quality you could imagine, leaving eccentric energy between the two of you. Then they tell you that they have herpes. Would this ruin the person as a whole or is it just a common STD that you are able to work around it?

Herpes affects more than 3 million people a year. Being one of the most common STD’s you can get. It seems impossible to not meet one person who is a carrier. While herpes is not fatal, it is not comfortable and is something most strive to stay away from. So what do you do when the person you want, or yourself, is a carrier?

When it comes to you having herpes and trying to a date on herpes dating site you must remember honesty is key. If you are not upfront and open about your STD then it can lead to distrust and perhaps immediate ending with the person you are interested in.

Of course, telling someone is a nerve-racking thing. You do not want them to view you as anything different. So first, remember there is nothing wrong with you. With it affecting over 3 million people yearly it is truly an epidemic that is difficult to run from. Also, without an outbreak, it is almost impossible to spread. Begin to tell the person in an understanding way.

After telling the person you should be prepared for whatever response they may have. Do not take it to heart. The right person will come along and accept it for what it is, plus there is medicine to help cure it.

If the person is accepting of your Herpes then proceed with caution. Check up on yourself and try to stray from having sex when you are in an outbreak. Condoms are another choice but not effective from preventing an Herpes. Condoms do not cover every part and it can still spread.

If you have met the person you are planning on having a future with perhaps they will not care if they contract herpes. Or if the one you are planning a future with is a carrier, maybe you are okay with that. Then it can be open amongst the both of you. This is not the ideal way to handle the situation but at times is the outcome.

Just remember while dating with an STD, or dating someone who has the Herpes, that staying up to date on breakouts is key. With it being near impossible to get without an actual outbreak it can help provide a fun and safe sex life. Also, always be open and honest. You cannot ignore herpes so accept it.

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